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We take care of your/our children to the best of our ability. That is why we carefully select our “big people” to accompany your little ones. Our team consists of educators, specialists (speech therapy, special education, psychosocial counselling), nurses, and as we are an international Czech-English nursery, we include native Czech and English speakers as well.


Tereza Hodinová

After the secondary school studies Tereza attended the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague, degree programme in French and Latin and then early year education. Then she started teaching French, translating and interpreting. Tereza has three children and came to Bambino after her maternity leave. She loves children, music, artcrafts and reading books.

Daniela Ferguson

Daniela is a nurse. In 2017 she joined the Bambíno team. She loves working with children and she enjoys it! As she says, “I appreciate being able to be involved in the development of a children and seeing them growing up.” She likes history, traveling and constantly produces something.

Simona Palatková 

Simona P. comes from Znojmo, but she has been living in Prague for 13 years now. She started working with children during her studies as a supervisor in a children's play area, and after completing a nanny course, she began to care for the youngest ones on a full-time basis, which eventually led her to Bambíno. Since she enjoys painting, she tries to engage in creative activities with children frequently. Besides art, she is also passionate about foreign languages, so she is glad to have the opportunity here to dust off some of her skills with the children.

Martina Košťálová

Martina is from Žďár nad Sázavou, she graduated from a nursing school. She simultaneously worked as a babysitter while she was studying. After graduation, she worked full time as a babysitter and took care of two toddlers. After the children grew, she joined Bambino, where she is now taking care of the little ones. Martina is an active athlete. Shee plays basketball, floorball and futsal.

Andrew Millar

Andy is English but prefers to be known as Scottish due to his family origin. Andy studied business at school, but has gone on to study level 5 TEFL. In his spare time Andy enjoys walking his dogs, exercising and visiting castles. It has always been Andy´s goal to work with children and is delighted to join he team at Bambíno.

Václav Brandtl

Vašek has got twenty-years in passenger’s transport. He has provided a transport of students to an international school in Nebušice for a while. He is a caring father of three offspring, he has a great patience with children and he cares of their safety and comfort. Nowadays he is providing transport of our children to the kindergarten and home, he cares of them like of his own children and he really enjoys working with them.

Isidora Leighton-Cruz

Isidora Leighton-Cruz is an English teacher, from Chile and wrote her thesis on Early Multilingualism at Masaryk University in Brno. She took a course on Culture for English teachers at Trinity College, Dublin. She loves to sing, dance, cycling and outdoor activities.

Markéta Cieslarová

Markéta comes from Prague. She worked as a nanny, but she was longing to have a change and to self-develop so she is here in Bambíno. She likes to read, sing and do art with children. She loves yoga and cycling.

Marcela Blahotová

In Bambíno Marcela prepares tasty and healthy snacks for our children and serves lunch. Besides that she helps to keep our kindergarten clean and sweet-smelling. She likes to work in the terase garden and grow fresh herbs for our snack.

Daniela Rella

Daniela is originally from Italy, from region, Puglia (the so called “heel of the boot”), well-known for the delicious food and the spectacular and breathtaking landscapes. She is a kindergarten teacher and has been living in the Czech Republic for almost 4 years now. She has a Master degree in Modern Philology, but it’s more than 6 years that she is working with small kids in kindergartens, teaching them foreigner languages. She loves being a teacher, being creative, dynamic, smiling and spreading love and happiness all around. She has lots of interests and passions and they are all connected somehow with the world of art: dancing, drawing, painting and writing. But her biggest passion is definitely singing and playing the guitar. Teaching in Bambíno makes her feel like fish in the sea, fish that swims with a huge smile on its face!

Petra Madarazsová

After completing her studies at a secondary pedagogical school, Petra M. set off abroad, where she worked as an au pair for two years. Following this experience, she became even more convinced that teaching in kindergarten fulfills her and brings her joy. To deepen her knowledge, she began studying at a university specializing in special education. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, painting, and taking care of her cat, Ramsey.

Zuzana Kusyová

Zuzka has enjoyed spending time with children and inventing various leisure activities for them since she was young. She likes to take them on trips and walks in the forest. She helps them to discover the world around them in a way that they themselves enjoy and continue to look for new connections to everything they can see around them. In the past, she has participated in suburban camps and led a ceramics club for children. Last year she gained experience as a kindergarten teacher and from that moment it was clear that she wanted her next professional life to be filled with working with children.

In her spare time, she enjoys escaping into nature with her pack of dogs, creating, forging, gardening, and last but not least, hanging around (and hopefully helping) the animals - sheep and cows on her family farm.

Filip Kalhous

He is from Roztoky and came to Bambino after 6 years in HR on the track. After graduation he studied in England for a couple of years and then went into the sports industry with the FAČR and Petr Čech sport before starting his administrative career. His interests include sport and travel, but in recent years all his spare time has been filled with bringing up his child, which he has duly enjoyed.


Kateřina Pálková

Before coming to Bambíno, Kateřina graduated from a secondary pedagogical school with focus on preschool pedagogy and got much experience in various kindergartens in Moravia (where she comes from). She joined to Bambíno in the beginning in 2009 and we are happy (little Bambínos as well) she has stayd with us!

Lucie Holubová

Lucka comes from South Bohemia. She graduated from psychology in education and early year education. While studies she worked as a nanny. After school she combined her love to kids and to traveling and left to work as au-pair in London. There she spent two years and realised that children are what she wants to do for future. So she came to work in Bambíno. What she loves about kids is their naturalness and laugh. Her other hobbies are history and art.

Kristýna Šťastná

Kristýna is coming from a small town called Ždár nad Sázavou. She went to secondary technical school. During her studies she had a big interest in sport and dance activities for children. For already 5 years she´s participating in summer camps as a camp leader. She also had a chance to work in a summer school in England. She likes to play florbal as weel as dancing and discovering new things.

Pavla Kotrbáčková

Pavla graduated with a bachelor's degree in Anglophone Studies and in the past worked in language and international schools. Above all, she enjoys the possibility of naturally combining administrative work with the provision of services to clients. In her free time, she prefers to relax in nature or discover new places in Prague.

Barbora Kafková

Bára comes from Prague where she studied high school. She is the oldest of 4 children and apart from babysitting her sisters, she also worked as a nanny, organised summer programs and led clubs. So working with children was her favourite activity for some time already. Therefore, she decided to study at Pedagogical University in Hradec Králové. After graduation, she took a gap year to read stories and play with blocks with children in New Zeland and since 2021 she finally started in Bambíno.

Karolína Worková 

I’m 25 years old. I come from Easternmost village of the Czech Republic, Bukovec. I studied hotel management and economics and  during the last 3 years I lived in the Netherlands and the UAE, where I was working as a nanny. The children won my heart and I realized that this work fulfills me, so I was looking for a suitable place where I could use this love for children. I also plan to further my education in this field so that I can give the childern only the best. I am interested in gastronomy and love to travel. I love shopping for books and I also love to read. I like to be creative.

Markéta Píšová

Markéta comes from Prague and graduated from the Higher Vocational School of Pedagogy, focused on preschool education. While studying, she sometimes looked after children and also worked for several years in Bambino as a temporary worker. With children, she enjoys solving their daily concerns and being with them in their development. She likes to make art and craft with children, cook and play the piano.

Alena Walterová

Alena has a lot of experience with this work. For several yeas she worked in gastronomy and as a kitchen keeper in kindergarten where she also helped with children. At Bambino, she is preparing healthy snacks for kids and takes care of cleanliness in the kitchen. She likes baking and bakes very well.

Christiana Capucci

Christiana is from Reno, Nevada, USA. A small city right next to beautiful Lake Tahoe. After teaching in the States for two years she moved to Prague, where she has continued her teaching journey the last two years. She loves yoga, spending time outside, cooking, and the occasional art project. Her favorite thing about working with kids is  how they remind her of the simplicity of life.\

Michaela Zverková

Míša was born in Prague, where she studied marketing communication and worked in the field for several years. However, her heart was always drawn to children, so after returning from her beloved New Zealand, where she lived for a year and a half, she took another big step and changed her career. For the past few years, she has been taking care of children, continuously expanding her education, and enjoying every day with our little Bambíno kids. In her free time, she likes to ride her bike, ride her motorcycle, spend time in nature, and go to theaters or concerts.

Karem Beatriz Herrera Nieto

Karem is originally from Peru, but I moved to the amazing city of Buenos Aires at a young age, an incredible city where I studied to become a Preschool Teacher with over 8 years of experience working with children in schools and educational communities. The connection with teachers who are truly passionate about their profession motivated me to volunteer at early childhood conferences and pursue further studies. A year ago, I completed my degree in Early Childhood Education, focusing on the care and education of infants from 45 days to 5 years old.

Living in a city that's a hub for art and culture provided me with a myriad of artistic tools, from enjoying music and painting to immersing myself in theater and dance. This allows me to bring a wealth of creative ideas into the classroom, creating an enjoyable learning experience for the children.

I find immense joy in being part of each child's growth journey, and that's what fuels my passion for teaching.

Caio Vitor S L de Oliveira

Caio Vitor S L de Oliveira is a Biology and English teacher from Brazil. He is deeply passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences, and excited to nurture our school community by inspiring young minds to become compassionate individuals who make a positive impact on society. Eagerly anticipates connecting with fellow students and making meaningful contributions during the tenure here.

Kristýna (Týnka) Kazdová

Kristýna comes from Liberec, where she also finished her university studies with a degree in Teaching for Preschool Education. As a little girl she dreamed to be a teacher, so it was necessary to finish her dream. When she wants to relax she goes to the mountains on hikes and likes to go running.


Ondřej Lepka

Ondřej Lepka has served as the CEO of an educational group providing education from kindergarten to eight-year gymnasium focused on language teaching over the past few years. Together with his team, he went through the entire accreditation process of the International Baccalaureate and also obtained the status of an Oxford examination center for the school, with the right to teach subjects in English and administer IGCSE exams.

Ondřej believes that one must continue learning throughout life. It is always important to realize that making a mistake is not bad. During his tenure at the school network of the JK Education educational group, he became, among other things, a member of the professional accreditation team "The Middle States Association” and participated in granting accreditation to an international school in Cairo. Thanks to his position, he is involved in all important decisions and contributes to the direction the schools are taking.

Magdalena Nedvědová

Magda has studied Faculty of physical exercising and sport in Prague and after finishing her studies she was doing sport professionally. Then she has moved to Great Britain where she has spent eight years and apart of working at the elementary school she has raised her two kids there. Now she’s living with her family in Prague and she has started working at our kindergarten where she can apart of other activities help kids with English and make them happy playing the piano.

Alena Hauptmanová

Alena has completed special pedagogy with specialization in learning disorders and speech therapy. For a long time, she has been engaged in intensive work with either disadvantaged or talented children. Within her leisure time activities and, especially, pedagogical advisory, she has been working on personal development both of children and adults. In Bambíno, she has been assisting in the complex development of children and in putting new educational methods into Bambíno practice. She likes theatre and music. She spends her leisure time travelling or devouring stories of any kind.

Bára Schneiderová

She was born in Prague, where she also finished her study at the secondary grammar school and earned her Bachelor degree in sociology. Since 2010 she has been working in Bambíno and also had a part-time job at the Safety Line. Eventually, Bambíno has won and Bára has become its full-time employee working with children and in the office as well. While coming back from the maternity leave with two little Bambinos, she is taking over Sylvie´s field of expertise in the socio-emotional support.

Join us

We are a group of teachers and specialists for whom educating children is the meaning of life. We have a lot of ideas and we fully realize them. Our educational concept attracts more and more parents and children, so it is natural that we welcome more experts and enthusiasts to the team. Maybe it's you.

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