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We welcome children from six weeks to seven years of age.

We welcome children to Bambino throughout the year depending on current capacity. Children do not need to meet any requirements for skills or abilities. We welcome children from six weeks to seven years of age.

Getting to Know Bambino

We welcome all potential children and their families to visit Bambino for a school tour. This can be arranged through our web form, by phone, or by sending us an email. We will show you the facilities and the outdoor garden, introduce you to our educational programme, and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide the documents necessary to enrol your child at Bambino, including a reservation form. If you are interested in our kindergarten,  you can fill out the form and return it to us. If there is available capacity, your student may join the school. In case of full capacity you will be placed on a waiting list and informed as soon as a place becomes available.

Starting School at Bambino

The start of school for each student is individually discussed with each family. When a student is ready to join the school, we give advice for what to bring on the first day, what to prepare for, and what to expect. We provide enough time and space for each group of students to get accustomed to their new school, the new school year, and their new friends. Students thrive in environments where they are happy and comfortable.

Adapting to School

We understand that the adaptation of a new Bambino student to kindergarten is a big deal for the whole family. Each adaptation is done on an individual basis through discussions with the student’s parents. Having children attend kindergarten classes for a shorter time during the first few days of adaptation has been shown to be successful. The duration of each school day is subsequently prolonged based on the needs and experiences of the new student.

Vaccination Requirements

Our kindergarten accepts only those children who have been given prescribed vaccinations, who are immune to individual infections, or who cannot be vaccinated for valid medical reasons. This does not apply in the case of mandatory preschool education.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for a child to start in kindergarten?

We accept children from six weeks of age.

From what age do children learn English?

At Bambino, children are taught in both Czech and English starting at kindergarten, from two years of age.

Do children go outdoors every day?

Weather permitting, we accompany children outdoors every day, including the youngest children. If the weather is unfavourable, we ensure children are dressed properly for the weather and continue to go outside.

What do children eat during the day?

Water and organic tea made for children are available and offered to the children throughout the day. Children receive snacks in the morning and in the afternoon. Snacks always include several kinds of fruits and vegetables. Lunch is organic, consisting of soup and a main course. Bambino kids may choose to have a meat-based or vegetarian main course. Children who stay at school after five in the afternoon are given a second afternoon snack consisting of fruits and vegetables.

Can a child still in nappies enter kindergarten?

We do admit children who still use nappies. All changing supplies are included in the school fee. We use ecologically-friendly nappies. If you prefer your child use a specific brand of nappies you may bring them to Bambino for your child to use.

What if my child cries when starting kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten is a huge change for any child. It is accompanied by many emotions, with sadness being the most frequent. We are prepared for this occurrence at Bambino. We recognise the emotions of the children, helping them to process their feelings, and focusing on positive things. We only promise to children what we are able to fulfil. We familiarise students with their new environment, explaining the new situation. We discuss the children’s adaptations with their parents and evaluate continuously.

What are the opening hours of kindergarten, and when should we arrive?

Bambino is open every weekday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM. A young Bambino student may arrive at any time during those hours depending on their schedule. We recommend arriving before 8:30 AM when the morning talk begins; this is the time when children learn about the day’s routine.

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