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We are Bambíno - an international nurseries and kindergartens for children from 6 weeks old to 7 years old.



Bambíno has been here for children since 2009; and has been accredited by the Ministry of Education since 2010.



We create a place that makes both the little and the big ones happy, where the world of the little and the big ones is interconnected...from where the little and the big ones leave a little bigger.


What are parents saying about us?

Martina Zákoucká

Two years ago I was looking for a private Czech kindergarten – our son started to stammer and I wanted to avoid him becoming shy in larger groups or even stopping to speak at all. Bambíno is not outlined as a pure Czech kindergarten; they have a Czech group (which was initially attended by my son) and an English group (which was attended by my son after a year, since he wanted to be with older kids). I’m very satisfied with our decision to enrol our Vašík in Bambíno. Except for learning many things about the world around us (visits to the theatre, museum, castle, senior house, talking of traditions, other states and countries), most importantly he stopped stammering, found some friends here, and has no fear to talk with them. After a long period of stammering he built a little inner block of avoiding to talk to foreign people anyway. Due to this reason I want to give my many thanks to the teachers Terezka, Magda, and Caroline. The preschool preparation is multipurpose and comprehensive and, at the same time, funny for children. I can only recommend Bambíno to everybody; all of their teachers are good and empathic, they are helpful regarding picking up your children, and communication with management is quick. Children enjoy here not only indoor premises, but also a perfect playground behind the villa or playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

Martina Poláková

We came back to Bambíno after a year for a holiday season, since our current state kindergarten was not open during holidays and our daughter had literally enforced holidays in Bambíno through permanent questions such as when she finally might go to the “old” kindergarten, where she was never bored and where both the children and teachers were nice to her... Bambíno is a very nice place with the family atmosphere and friendly, almost mummy approach. Kindergarten is situated in a nice surrounding of an old garden suburb with a beautiful garden; the place is well accessible from the Flora underground station. Teachers are very kind, friendly, and receptive and apply individual approach to the children. They consider each child a personality. It is obvious that all of them do their work with love. Daily schedules are varied and children are definitely not bored. Moreover, the thematic programme is running during holidays. Children are moving a lot; they spend the major part of the day in the garden. The kindergarten has extended working hours until 6 p.m. and is open during the whole summer holidays. Moreover, if you pick up your child just few seconds before 6 p.m., nobody will knit his brows as in state kindergartens. I can recommend Bambíno to all those children who prefer smaller groups with the family atmosphere, who like being creative, and who like discovering new things. Moreover, as it has turned out, connecting the Czech and English groups was a great advantage – Lucie attended the Czech group, indeed, but she has understood basic English words since she was three and she is thus very easily able to take part in animation programmes within hotel resorts during our trips abroad.

Leona Talacková

From the new school year, Stellinka starts attending the first class of primary school and now I know that the efforts to choose the right kindergarten, I put in three year ago, was really worth it. I wasn’t looking just for a kindergarten near our house or just for a place for spending her time; I was looking for a kindergarten with a “spirit” and I really succeeded, when I found Bambíno. I appreciated many great things such as nice mutual relationships between teachers and children, a perfect preschool preparation and perfect meals, but I was really amazed by the details we were facing during the whole three years of our attendance, the last time, for example, honest invitations for Stellinka to come to kindergarten anytime as a school-girl just to play a bit.

Educational programme

“Great Things For Little People”

Our educational programme was established to teach children skills they will use throughout their lives. The main aim is to allow children to try things for themselves on their own, to experience them, to feel them with all their senses and thus to remember them better. This is why we have topical rooms, a range of facilities and dedicated corners. The children may grow plants, look after our animals, cook in the kitchen, make ceramics in our workshop, develop musical skills, do sports outside or in the gym, but they also learn how to rest and relax (e.g. in our sauna).

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