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About us

We are Bambíno - an international nurseries and kindergartens for children from 6 weeks old to 7 years old.



Bambíno has been here for children since 2009; and has been accredited by the Ministry of Education since 2010.



We create a place that makes both the little and the big ones happy, where the world of the little and the big ones is interconnected...from where the little and the big ones leave a little bigger.


What are parents saying about us?


There are plenty of kindergartens with a beautiful garden or a funny and elegant interior or competent and still kind “ladies” or an original programme. But we have found only one that combines all of these plus something more – a great team created by the staff, children and pedagogic principles. It is Bambíno Vinohrady. And recommendations for others? If you are hesitant about enrolment, maybe because of the price, we are sure that your money will be returned in the satisfaction of your child.

Alena Kastelic

Max started attending the nursery when he was 1.5 years old. We were afraid how he will do even that we have seen that the nursery is extraordinary and teachers are really nice. At the start there was some crying but girls charmed and entertained him so much that after a while he didn’t even say goodbye to us :-). Finally now he comes home in his 3 years with stories in sentences (and he is mixing English that he hears from kindergarten children in the afternoon), experiences with firemen, trips and various activities. We are calm when we drive him to Bambino. This is not such a feeling like “I have put my kid away because of my career”, but “I am happy that my son is in such pleasant and creative environment that I can’t make form him”. When something happens I know that they will call or I can call and make sure that everything is OK. We are looking forward when Max will start to attend the kindergarten, we see every day how he likes it and how quickly he learns new things that he also likes to use against us :-). And we will surely have a confidence to put also our next, now only expecting baby, to the nursery. We thank you very much for your care that you give to the children. The love you work with may be seen on them and also on their satisfied parents

Denisa Chalupová

Beautiful premises, awareness of my child’s safety, and learning through play. My daughter does not cry, when it’s time to go to kindergarten, and she comes back happy and smiling. It is a great advantage to let my child be picked up at home, taken to kindergarten and brought back. I’d been enjoying nice details such as the kindergarten staff bringing home my daughter’s favourite toy, when she was ill. Thank you.

Educational programme

“Great Things For Little People”

Our educational programme was established to teach children skills they will use throughout their lives. The main aim is to allow children to try things for themselves on their own, to experience them, to feel them with all their senses and thus to remember them better. This is why we have topical rooms, a range of facilities and dedicated corners. The children may grow plants, look after our animals, cook in the kitchen, make ceramics in our workshop, develop musical skills, do sports outside or in the gym, but they also learn how to rest and relax (e.g. in our sauna).

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